Hi, I’m Randi

A tenacious, loving, and energetic photographer who enjoys delivering professional products that fulfill clients’ needs and wants.

A photographer with over 9+ years working both independently and with movie productions as a gallery, headshot, and behind-the-scenes still photographer.

Early on

From the age of 13, I embraced a professional camera, falling deeply in love with nature’s breathtaking beauty. While pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles, I rediscovered my profound passion for photography. This enduring passion has planted countless seeds in my life, destined to grow into a bountiful tree of creativity.


I am dedicated to establishing strong connections with my new clients in Georgia. Following a two-year break from the workforce to focus on being a full-time mother, I am now eagerly prepared to re-engage with the world and rediscover its beauty through my camera lens.

Photography, to me, is not just a skill or a hobby; it is a transformative force that has sown countless seeds of inspiration throughout my life. Like a steadfast tree, it continues to flourish and bear the fruits of my creativity, offering a timeless and boundless source of fulfillment.